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Bomb Squad

Wisconsin Dells PD has discovered a very suspicious case in the alley behind Dells Escape Rooms. Your elite team of bomb technicians have been called to the scene to investigate the item in question. Your captain has reason to believe this is a time-sensitive issue… 15 minutes separates you from success or a possible body bag. Calm your nerves, steady your hands and don’t screw this up! Do you have what it takes time to survive? If not… KABOOM!

Escape RatePlayersPrice
rated-pg20%upto 6$11

The Heist

You’ve be perfecting your skills and now it’s time for the big payoff… Hazelwood Bank. Rumor has it the vault houses a priceless item locked inside. Sneak into the bank, infiltrate the vault, crack the safe, and slip out the back to change your life forever. Get caught and you’re looking at 15 years in an 8x8 concrete cell. No room for error on this one, sticky hands!

Escape RatePlayersPrice
rated-pg1340%upto 12$32

Mission Control

Communications are down. The oxygen supply has been compromised. You need to intercept the Captain’s badly damaged spacecraft in orbit, but time is running out. Fix the oxygen or face your demise in space. Repair communications or Captain’s team will be lost in space, left to die. We are in a dire situation here, astronaut! Save the day or say your prayers… do you have what it takes?

Escape RatePlayersPrice
rated-pg50%upto 8$11


Tensions between the United States and the USSR are at a boiling point. Movement has been seen in non-militarized zones causing the Soviets to issue a capture or execute order on all Americans in the country. Deep behind enemy lines, your cell of CIA spies head to the extraction point. Things don’t go as planned and you wake-up in a holding cell with your unit. What happens next depends on your abilities to withstand torture or defy death. Due to the sensitivity of this matter there will be no rescue attempts made. You are on your own… Godspeed!

**Due to graphic content, we strongly recommend players be 12 years or older**

Escape RatePlayersPrice
rated-r30%upto 12$32

Wellington Manor

You have decided to explore the urban legend surrounding the mysterious murder of beloved Lord Wellington. Your iron nerves quickly desert you as the lights flicker and the front door loudly slams and locks by itself. Beware of traps, nothing is as it seems at face value in these halls. Succeed and help Lord Wellington expose the identity of his true murderer before you too become a permanent resident of Wellington Manor!

**Recommended minimum age of 10. Players under 10 are allowed with a private room – please call for details. Players under 16 must have a parent/guardian inside the room to play (w/ paid ticket)**

Escape RatePlayersPrice
rated-pg1350%upto 12$32


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This won’t be your average company picnic. Dells Escape Rooms offers you and your employees an experience like never before! Book your team building event and have access to our escape rooms. You’ll also be able to view your co-workers behaviors, build upon teamwork fundamentals, and most importantly – have FUN!.


What is an escape room?
An escape room is a live-action game that requires teamwork and critical thinking to help you decipher clues and complete puzzles so you can complete your mission!
Am I actually locked in the escape room?
No, none of our escape room doors are actually locked, and you are welcome to leave at any time.
Can I use my cell phone in the escape room? Can I take pictures in the rooms?
We do not force you to leave your phone outside the room, but you will not need it to solve any clues. We do not allow any pictures or video taken inside our rooms; we don’t want to spoil the experience for the next players!
Can we get a refund?
We do not offer refunds. You may reschedule your game within a 24-hour time period. Please make sure to check your calendar before making a reservation to avoid any issues. All sales are final.
Will we have the room to ourselves?
You are not guaranteed a private game unless you reserve the entire room. You do not need to have the maximum number of participants, but you do need to pay for the full room. No worries, the more brains you have the better your chances of completing your mission, sometimes sharing a room works in your favor! ***Due to COVID-19, all rooms will be private until further notice.
What happens if we are late?
Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your game. If you arrive after the start time and are the only ones booked in the room you will be able to play the remainder of the time booked. If there are other players, you will not be able to join once they have started.
What happens if we cannot figure out the puzzles?
There will be a game master dedicated to making sure you have a fun experience. We offer a set of clues when needed to help if you get stuck.
Is the game physical? What should we wear?
Our games are challenges of the mind, and do not require physical activity. You do not have to wear any specific clothing, anything that is comfortable for you is fine.
Are your games ADA compliant?
Yes, all of our escape rooms are ADA compliant with the exception of certain portions of ‘Diasvowed’. **Please contact us for questions regarding ‘Disavowed’.
Can we bring food or drink into the game?
Unfortunately, no food or drinks are allowed in the escape rooms in an attempt to keep all rooms cleanly for each customer.