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The Dells Best New Attraction!

Dells Escape Rooms offers a NEW, fun, and immersive experience for all ages! Your team is placed into a fully themed room where you work as a team to solve clues, codes, keys, puzzles and riddles to complete your mission and make your ESCAPE before your time is up! Great for families, friends, co-workers, and workplace teambuilding! Walk-ins are welcome but we encourage you to reserve your game time on our website.

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Choose from 2 different rooms that will immerse you in an escape room experience like never before!

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Get ready to solve puzzles, unlock doors, hinges, and use technology to escape your room!

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Will you and your party make it out of the room in time?!

Corporate Events and Team Building

This won’t be your average company picnic. Dells Escape Rooms offers you and your employees an experience like never before! Book your team building event and have access to our escape and meeting rooms. You’ll also be able to view your co-workers social profiles, behaviors, build upon teamwork fundamentals, and most importantly – have FUN!


Rooms to choose from

People can play in some rooms!

Per Person

Minutes to Escape!

Which Escape Room will you choose?


Wellington Manor

Success Rate – 50%

Designed for 1-12 players.

You and your friends have decided to explore the urban legend surrounding the mysterious murder of beloved Lord Wellington. Your iron nerves quickly desert you as the lights flicker and the front door loudly slams and locks by itself. Help Lord Wellington expose the identity of his true murderer before you too become a permanent resident of Wellington Manor!


Mission Control

Success Rate – 50%

Designed for 1-8 players.

This is a 15-minute “mini” game and costs $9.95 per person. 

While in space, your team has been manually awoken from cryogenesis due to missed routine transmissions from Captain Higgensfield’s unit. System warnings also indicate that your shuttle has sustained significant damage to the oxygen supply while under cryogenesis. Restore your oxygen and find the Captain before you run out of time. Their safety is reliant on you!


Hazelwood Heist

Success Rate – 30%

Designed for 1-12 players. 60 Minutes to Escape!

Henry Brooks, Sr., a wealthy philanthropist in Hazelwood, has fallen ill and suddenly decided to donate his fortune to benefit the community rather than his greedy son who is set to inherit everything. As master thieves, your team has been assigned to infiltrate the vault, crack the safe, and swap a forged will document with the original in order to save the Hazelwood community from his evil son.


Our Escape Rooms are located in Downtown Wisconsin Dells!

325 Broadway

Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

(608) 678-2272



April & May: Sun – Thurs Noon – 10pm, Fri & Sat  Noon – 11pm

Memorial Day to Labor Day: Mon – Sun 8am – Midnight

September to March: Thurs – Mon 2pm – 10pm

Tues & Wed – Closed (Private Events Only)

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Dells Escape Rooms

325 Broadway
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